Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Playgroup

~~Today we had our Thursday playgroup. Sometimes it's just a few of us, but today we had seven moms and their littles at my house. It was wonderfully busy and Genny loved playing with two of her little girlfriends. Our craft was the ghost footprint place mats that we made a few days ago, and my kids decided that they weren't satisfied with the ones they had made, they needed to make another one, cause, well, everyone else was making one. So I let them make another one, one that may end up in a box to a relative sometime soon...

I have had a wonderful out poor of support for me since Thomas has deployed. Everyone from friends that I see twice a year, to my friends from my mom's group. I've received e-mails and fb messages asking if I need anything and it has been so reassuring to read and hear these offers of help. I'm very blessed to have a good support system, better than even the last time Thomas deployed when Glenn was four months old. Thank you to all of you, I will call on you if I need you. :)

Which is why I wanted to write today about this great group of ladies that I see weekly. The funny thing is that we don't get together outside of the group, with out our kids, but that's what makes us the friends that we are: our kids and wrangling them while trying to hold a conversation. Sharing stories about other kids who have Spina Bifida and are doing well in mainstream school (thanks Lynn), or asking questions about mom-stuff like, "How do I get my kid to stop hitting your kid every time he comes over?" (sorry Lynn...)

This group of ladies is awesome, and I'm so happy to have them in my life while Thomas is deployed.~~

These are the ghost footprint place mats that we made the other day. I laminated them with clear contact paper so the kids can use them and spill on them for the season. I'm planning on making place mats for Christmas too!

Today Glenn and I made a 'rock train'. It's pretty much just a line of rocks, but Glenn loves doing this, so it's what we did.

The puppies kept walking over the 'rock train' that Glenn and I were building, knocking them out of line. Glenn got so mad and yelled, "NO GUS!"

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