Friday, September 3, 2010

Mending Pile

My husband leaves soon for Afghanistan, and when I was cleaning our room this morning, I noticed a mending pile he left for me... So this will be my next sewing project for the next few days. Good thing I went ahead and bought cream colored thread or else I would have to make a trip to the fabric store...

Genny playing the harmonica, still not dressed for the day... (at 11am)

Baby Glenn just as happy as a clam on the psudo-made bed (I'm washing the bed linnens today)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Twist on Fajitas

Genny didn't want to smile for her picture

Glenn did!

Since the birth of Baby Glenn, I've chosen easy dinners to make, and even easier lunches. One of my favorites that I use a few times a week is to grill meat for dinner and use left over meat for fajitas the next day. As stated prior, Genny will eat most forms of grilled cheese, so taking a tortilla and throwing on some cheese, meat and spinach has become a regular lunch around here.

Last night I made grilled steaks, risotto, peas and we had watermelon also. I decided to try the steak with risotto fajita style and see how that tasted. It was pretty good! So here is my left overs fajitas recipe.

Left over meat
Left over rice (or risotto in my case!)
Baby spinach

I take two tortillas and layer them as so:
Cheese, rice, meat
Microwave for about a minute
Add spinach