Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome to Genny's Room

I've been on a kick lately... I'm thrifting furniture and refinishing it! It's a very frugal (and I believe stylish) way to fill in the empty spaces we have since we've moved to a house that's more than double our old square footage. The first piece I did was a TV stand I bought for $20. It was missing a door handle, and it was that honey oak, which didn't match our furniture style. I painted it a pale green, bought new nobs, and put it in the kids play room. It's a perfect height for the windows in the play room, and since it has doors, it can hide some toys!

Before I bought the TV stand for the kids play room, Thomas and I found a round table and chairs to go in the kitchen nook. It was old, smelled like play dough and was pretty dirty. I cleaned it and am still working on painting/staining it. I'm sure I'll do a post about it when I'm done.

My next purchase was a small double-door cabinet which is the perfect size for about any room in our house. Because it was such a perfect size, it took me a while to figure out where it should go. In the end I decided it should go in Genny's room, since there wasn't any storage in there to corral her explosion of toys, book, and doll clothes. I painted it a light grey, And kept the handles since they were still good.

And now we'll take a look in Genny's room! I'm not done yet (we just bought her a night stand yesterday that I'll be refinishing soon), but I know that my mom and sister want to see the room in it's entirety, and since it was picked up, and vacuumed, I thought, why not?

And now onto the main event: the cabinet!

I love the shelf in here- it really allows more storage! This inside color was the original color of the cabinet, but it was scratched and the color was fading in a few spots, so I knew it had to be repainted.

And there you have it! It really was pretty time consuming, what with all the painting and waiting that it required, but with a LOW budget, and with the result I got, I'm excited to do more!

Here is the TV stand I painted for the kids' play room, just in case you were curious. :)