Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, we all need help from time to time, so here are some pages that have great layouts that are simple, yet look good. I've been trying to make layouts using Word and upload them here, but it's not working out, so until I figure it out you'll have to make due with my scrapbook pages.

The First Days page has two different 6X6 squares of DSP and another of plain cardstock. Then I off-set the pictures and added ribbon to one square as well as the title and the stamps on the plain cardstock and finally the cut outs and punches.

The Bumbo page is about as simple as you can get: it's 4X4 pictures with some stickers in the center... I wanted to show Genny's first baby food experience, but didn't want to leave any pictures out even though I didn't take them far enough away to allow for actual scrapping on the page. Once again, it's as simple as you can get which means that there's not a whole lot to the page other than the pictures. Which can make for an easy slam dunk in the pages complete department but may leave you with some extra creative output when it comes to another page.

Hope these layouts helped you out! Happy scrapping everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scrapbook kits

They're here!! The first two scrapbook kits are now available! Each kit comes with two 12X12 sheets of cardstock along with photo-backing cardstock and brads! The peacock page comes with jeweled brads and the whale page comes with circle jumbo brads as well as three black small brads to be used as eyes for the stamped animals or as extra flare for the page. The whale page comes with three images (two whales and a giraffe) to be cut out and added to the pages. The pages work as shown, but nothing is adhered, so feel free to rearrange as desired!

If you would like to purchase a kit, please let me know. The cost is $5.

Since everyone I spoke to is unable to attend the crop this weekend, it will be canceled. The class is still on for September 12th, so make sure to get your spot by September 1st!! The cost is $12 for 6 pages and you can see the pages below.

Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, don't forget to scrapbook, but also don't forget your loved ones! They're the ones who support our habit so they deserve a little time also!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sea World pages

Hello to all!

This weekends scrapbook pages have a few elements I'd like to share. First I started with a wheel which is a circular stamp with a handle and you roll it along the paper to achieve a continuous image. Stampin Up sells a wide variety of wheels and inks to go with them.

I also tore DSP (designer series paper). Another favorite technich of mine is to use my two circle punches that are just a tiny bit different in size and use them to highlight the title. This one of course was Sea World. I also cut out the animals instead of keeping them in a picture format which I think helped bring them to life more.

Happy scrapping to you all and don't forget that I'll be having a crop next week (see post below) as well as another class in September. The deadline for the September class is September 1st, so make sure you sign up with me!
I will also start offering scrapbook kits soon. The kits will include everything you need to put together a two-page layout minus the adhesive. The kits will cost $5 and will be available soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok you savvy scrappers, here is a new idea I had. Supplying tips and layouts for you to keep your hands busy but also keep you from making the mistakes that I've made which will hopefully save you paper and help you achieve higher goals quicker.

Tip of the day:

The rule of 3's... Looking to put some flare on your page but don't know where or what to do? A simple punch will work since you can use it with DSP, photos or (as my friend Amanda showed me this weekend-) on brochures from your trip. Punching something three-fold will give a highlight to the page but will also keep from distracting too much from the photos. Make sure to leave yourself a little space to put your three punches and see how well it works with the layout.

Stampin Up! had a wide variety of punches for around the same price as those at the store. Plus they are quality items that will last years of punching without dulling. Above are the ones that we carry. (the snowflake one will be a big seller this coming winter season!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello weekend!

Hello to you all! It has been a steady weekend for us, I had my first scrapbooking class since moving, and two of the three showed up! Plus Jasmin was there as always working on her 6 years worth of pictures... She got some good baby pics done in some cute layouts! Thanks to Creative Keepsakes for that!

The class was fun, we made 4 pages and completed them all in about 4 hours. We had a blast gabbing the whole time! The next class will be a little easier, and probably only take 3 hours. See the pictures in this post to see what all we'll be doing! (we'll be making those exact pages, this class doesn't involve chosing your own paper)

Class info:
When: Saturday, September 12th, 1pm
Where: Here of course!
Cost: $12

I will also be holding a crop on August 29th at 1pm
What's a crop, you say?

A crop is where you come, bring anything you're working on, and you get to use all of my tools. You need to provide your own paper, adhesive, and ribbon, brads, etc. But my stamps, ink and tools are at your disposal!
I will be offering a card class that day for $5 to make 4 cards. If you don't want to take the card class, no worries, you can sitll use everything!
Well, I hope you're all having a wonderful end to summer, I know some of you have children who are going back to school soon and I wish you the best as you send them off!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8th

Hello and happy weekend to everyone! I'm going to hold true to my promise and bring you scrapbooking pages that you can make at home that are simple yet look good. Today's pages involve mixing sepia and black and white pictures. I used a baby blue and pink to highlite the pictures making sure to keep the background paper (brown) blended in. It's a color combo that catches your eyes because so many days I sit down to scrapbook and look at the colors in the pictures, trying to match my paper to clothing, nature or structures. But with these pages I was able to choose the colors that I wanted to highlite the fact that Genny is a baby, with the baby blue DSP and baby pink flowers. I also used brads as the center of the flowers.

Happy scrapping everyone, and I got my SU shipment in last night, so I'll be putting together another class for September!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Blog!

Well, I told my friend Jasmin today that I was going to do it, and now here I am! It seemed a little easier than I imagined, starting a blog just isn't quite as labor intense as it had seemed going in. I'm sure that as I navigate the blogging world I'll see that it's probably more than just writting my thoughts and ideas for scrapbooking. So here is my plan for this blog:

Update weekly with ideas for scrapbook pages as well as new techniques. This will keep me and you motivated to catch up with scrapbooking without sacraficing the beauty of your pages. I'll encorperate simple ideas that actually look good but are easy to complete with a free hour every week. I'll also put my class times and dates up so that anyone who wants to can contact me to sign up.

My next class will be DSP-related. You pick your own DSP and show up with adhesive and your cutter and I'll handle the rest. It's on August 15th at my house at 2pm.
Ok, that's all for today! I'll post a technique this weekend!