Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vista Sports Park

Today we [as a family!!!!] went to the Vista Sports Park. The day had started with my cancellation of our participation in our mom's group weekly outing. I was a little sad, we were to go to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. I've gone once before, and I think Genny would get more out of it this time than she did last time. But the kids are sick, and I just came down with it, so I didn't want to get anyone in the mom's group sick.

Something that I've been wanting to do for a while [but keep forgetting when I have a 'free' day] is go to the cities surrounding us and just walk the streets, checking out the shops and acting like a visitor. Carlsbad was my first city of choice to do this with, so today we headed out [ignoring the electronics surrounding our every day actions which would have given me more direction or at least an idea of where I should go to get the most from the excursion]. I decided to turn down Carlsbad Village Drive, which is the street I turn down to get to my massage therapy sessions. I made it to the ocean and drove down until we hit the power plant. After not seeing any parks for a good lunch stopping-point, I turned around and parked on a street that would lead us to the ocean. We walked down to the beach, Genny exclaiming, "HI OCEAN!!" when we got there. She also found every tiny puddle to splash in along our walk, causing a rule of splashing until mommy said 'jump' then jumping out of the puddle.

On our way back up to the street Thomas called, saying there was a problem with his orders and he had the day off. I told him to meet me at the Vista Sports Park playground for lunch. We ate. We played. Thomas was quite impressed with the park. I told him, "wait until you see Sunset Park."

I took several pictures of the park for anyone wanting to go and curious of what they have there.

Glenn kept climbing up the slides! So I took him in my arms and we slid down the slide. He LOVED it! There was even a time where I looked over and all of us Alfords were taking up all three slides. It's no wonder Glenn and I took a snooze when we got home while Genny watched a program and Thomas played video games.

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  1. What a nice surprise that Thomas had the day off! Looks like you had fun. That picture of Thomas and Genny really shows just how much they look alike!