Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glenn's Big Boy Room

I painted Glenn's old room two years ago around this same time. Thomas had left for Afghanistan, and I wanted to do something productive. Then we moved Glenn into his new room. It was still painted the light tan that the whole house had been painted prior to us moving in. A nice color, yes, but I wanted it to be a boy room.

Thomas recently left for Afghanistan, so of course, I wanted to paint Glenn's room. I wanted the room textured and painted by a professional to avoid my mistakes and get it done quickly. So Mario The Handyman came and finished the room in two days. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love the color, the texture, and even though Mario covered the holes that needed to be there for the curtain rod (completely my fault since all I said to him was, "Could you, with the?" pointing at the curtain rod) I'm very happy with it overall. Plus I got to move in the dresser I bought off craigslist (wow was it bigger than I thought!) which holds all of Glenn's clothes and more.

There are still some tweaks I need to do to the room, like add a shelf above the dresser, add some good baskets on his shelf in his closet, and add a bean bag for him to sit and read in his reading nook. These will come over the next several months, it took me about a year to get Genny's room to the way it is now, and I'm so happy I took my time with it, adding special touches as I found them. I'm not very decorative-inclined, so anything I do that looks good I marvel at.

What decorating have you done that you're proud of?

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