Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wet, er, Slightly Moist Bag

One day my neighbor told me about her wet/dry diaper bag. A bag that has two zippered compartments, one for the wet diapers, and one for the dry. My jaw dropped. Genius!! I wanted to make myself one right away. Trouble is, I have several perfectly good wet bags that I can use while out and about. Then I started thinking about different uses for wet bags. There are so many reasons to have a wet bag. Soiled clothes while out and about (who hasn't been there, parents??), toys that are wet from playing at the beach, dirty diapers, moist snacks, the list goes on. Then I saw some bags for sale at Babies In Bloom that were exactly that. They even had a catchy title, Wet Happened. But they were expensive. So I started marinating a wet bag in my head. What material to use on the inside was a concern for me. I had asked my local JoAnn Fabric's store for a waterproof fabric before, and had sent them in a tizzy, trying to figure out what material may be waterproof. So I knew I was on my own. I did the only thing a girl like me does, I forwent any research and guessed. Yup, that's just me. I almost forgot to get the waterproof fabric when I was at the store. My number was called right when I realized I hadn't picked anything out, so I grabbed the first thing I saw that matched my clearance material for the outside.

I finished the bag today, and was trying to figure out how to test it out. I was talking to my sister and verbalizing different wet food I could use, when the idea dawned on me to just saturate a washcloth with water (silly me thought it needed to be something sticky or messy or colored) and set it on the counter. I did. It leaked. So I guess it will be a moist bag, and I'll have to make sure to wring out any wet clothing I put in it. For it's size it's meant for food, so I'm not sure how often I will put clothes in it, but we'll just see.

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