Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

I was talking to my sister tonight, and she said something to the effect that I was good at thinking of fun things to do on special occasions. I laughed and said, "Usually I'm a day late and a dollar short!" I always have the best ideas for a celebration the day after it happens. Well, not today!

I recently found out that in Downtown Disney they have an ice skating rink. Guess what we did for New Years Eve? Glenn wasn't as thrilled as Genny was. We left earlier than we could have, but my toes were cramping and Glenn was pitching a fit and out of his skates by then anyway.

We stuck around Downtown Disney to check out the lego store and the build a bear workshop. We fit in some ice cream somewhere in there and rode the bus back to the parking area which was a treat in itself for the kids who (I'm pretty sure) have never ridden a bus before.

On our way home I realized that we would be getting back to town just in time to watch the sun set from the pier. I amped Genny up for it by talking about how cool it was that we were going to be the last ones to say goodbye to the sun in the country. We got there and ran, racing and laughing towards the pier, and even though it was cold, it was fun to wave goodbye to the sun and say, "See you next year, sun!!"

The only thing that could have made this New Years Eve better would (of course) be if Thomas had been here. This has been a tough deployment and I feel like I miss him more than I have before.

Even though I miss Thomas, I'm so glad and feel so blessed that I can stay home with my kids and watch them grow and change every day. I wish I could have a video log of all these days and special moments that fly out of my head because there are so many. I wish I could keep these memories for a rainy day when both kids are away at college and I'm missing them. Pictures will have to do, and I'll remember enough to keep me happy.