Sunday, October 14, 2012

Genny's Baby Clothes Quilt

All of those clothes. Those tiny adorable clothes that your child fits in for such a short period of time. Those clothes that you need to take pictures of, like, "Oh! I haven't taken a picture of him in this outfit yet!" Those clothes were the inspiration behind making Genny a quilt. I took all of those baby clothes (premie to twelve months) and cut them into 5"X5" squares. Then I sewed them in strips, and added fabric around them until I had a quilt.

I had picked the fabric out when my favorite fabric store Masonnette decided to stop selling fabric and start selling fabulous kids clothes. They had a wonderful sale so I bought three yards of three different fabrics, thinking that it would be perfect for Genny's quilt. And it was. But as stated in a recent post, I am a procrastinator. It runs in my blood. So it's taken me a year to finish the quilt.

But here it is! My husband is probably impressed that I'm getting as much done as I am in just the two weeks he's been gone (what with all the procrastinating I usually do) but this is something I've been craving to get done for months now. I'm so excited to see it on her bed every day now, and just hope that she doesn't start picking at the buttons and such on it. We'll see...

What project have you done or are procrastinating doing? We all have something to check off on our to-do list, whether it's get the dog groomed or finish a quilt for our child. Here's hoping that you find some motivation in the coming weeks to check something off that's been on your list for a while now.

Happy Sunday everyone.

This yellow dress below was the first thing I bought after I found out she was a girl

This one below was a three outfit set that our good friends Kris and Joe gave us.

Here is the back, just strips of fabric

I 'hand tied' it instead of quilting it. I used embroidery thread in pink.

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