Thursday, December 16, 2010


This year I decided to make stockings for us. I thought it would be nice to have matching stockings, and I thought, how hard could that be? It wasn't that hard, but as it turns out, I am not good at making the exact same thing more than once. I'm not surprised, I had a feeling that they would all be different. But what takes the cake is the super fat girl stocking that will most likely go to Genny (because why would I need a super fat stocking?). Poor Glenn will most likely make a fuss every year about how Genny's stocking is bigger, and why is his so small. But that's in the future, and until he realizes that his is smaller, I will smile when I look at our hearth -wait, we don't have a hearth... Um... Our bookcases?- and see our matching stockings hanging together. I did make sure to get enough fabric in the event that we have another little one pitter-pattering around, but we have yet to seriously discuss that.

Edit note: My sister started laughing pretty hard when she read, 'super fat girl stocking'. But then I said, "No, super fat stocking for a girl." So we laughed together as I quickly logged onto blogger and wrote this edit note. So now we're clear. :>


  1. Maybe it will be mine instead of Genny's if we're calling it that!! HA!