Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Pinterest Diaries

I wrote in an earlier post that I wanted to craft more with my kids while my husband is gone. Yesterday we painted their feet and stamped them on black construction paper for a ghost picture.

Today we made another pin, mason jar tea light candle holders.

This was an easy craft because I had bought paint for my mom's group to make fall hand print trees, so I used the yellow and orange from that. We stopped by Michaels while we were out today and I bought black Halloween stickers. The kids loved painting the jars (it was soooo kid-friendly because all they had to do was paint the inside) I checked their jars before we finished and made sure all the clear spots were painted. Then we didn't even have to wait for them to dry, we just put the stickers right on the outside. I'm very happy with this craft, and I'm happy to add to my Halloween decorations at such a low cost.

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