Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kari's Croissant Grilled Sandwich

Ok, I'm a sandwich girl. I like to make them, I like to eat them. This one is the best one I've made in quite a while. Here's the recipe:

Kari's Croissant Grilled Sandwich

Gouda sliced cheese (mine is from Trader Joes)
Antibiotic-free deli meat (yay hate free!)

Fillet the croissant and butter the inside. Grill in a pan until crisp. Add cheese, meat, then spinach and grill on both sides.

Oh my, this sandwich was so good. I only made one, thinking that Genny wouldn't like her portion and would end up eating meat, cheese and spinach separately, but she loved it and ate more than half of the sandwich.

Tomorrow I will make another.

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