Saturday, May 7, 2011

Analise Girl's Dress

Shout out to Madeline from Massionnette!!! Massionnette is a great fabric store in down town Oceanside. I went in one day to see some fabrics they have on clearance and saw this ice cream cone fabric that I just had to buy in hopes of making Genny a dress. I asked the sales girl if there was anyone around who did private sewing lessons, and as it turns out one of the employees does. I booked today's lesson before we went to SC, and I've been drooling just waiting for the day to come. Today was the day, so I said goodbye to my little ones and my husband and went to spend two hours with Madeline. I just about completed the dress in the time slot, I just need to hem the bottom. But I couldn't resist letting Genny try it on, to see how the size worked out (can you believe I made a 5T and it fits her just a little loose? Boy my almost-three-year-old is big!).

This is the first article of clothing I've ever made (unless you count the hats I made last year, which I don't). Thomas asked if I could make it again, and I think that I can. I just need to do it soon so it sticks in my head. Does that mean I have another trip to the fabric store in the future? I'd have to say yes...

The pattern is Analise by Portabello Pixie.

In this picture she's feeding the ice cream cones to her pig.

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