Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lion Costume

On the day Thomas left for Afghanistan, we got home at 3am. I put the kids in their beds and eventually fell asleep. My kids wake up at about 6am every day, so I was pretty tired. I had decided the day before that retail therapy was in order and our outing for the day was a trip to Target. Who doesn't love a trip to Target?? With it's bright displays and impulsive items, it's a favorite store of mine. I'm lucky enough to have a super Target, so I was able to get several things on my list including my almond milk and eggs.

We hadn't ben to Target since the Halloween stuff had been set up, so that was, of course pretty fun for the kids to see and play with. I found an accessories kit for a lion for $5 and decided to buy it because the kids already had a zebra one I had bought on clearance a few years ago.

It was the best purchase of the day.

Since then the kids have taken turns being lions. Just like any toy it ebbs and flows for desirability, but overall this is a great addition to our dress up corner.

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