Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday Favorite: The Cherry Chomper

My sister first introduced me to the Cherry Chomper. Oh the joy! Eating cherries without having to de-seed them by hand?!?! It was worth the $10. I'm from The Cherry Capital of The World. Or so they boast. Who knows if there's another town out there thinking they are the top draw when it comes to cherries and all the festivities it entails. Traverse City, Michigan puts on a pretty good front if they are not, in fact, the cherry capital. Every year they have the Cherry Festival, they have Cherry Capital Ford, and a few stores that sell cherry related items for the fudgies- er, I mean tourists. If you're ever in Northern Michigan, Traverse City is an AWESOME place to check out. I have a thought marinating of adding a 'Where to Go in TC' link list to my blog. We'll see how much time I have to do that... :)

On a side note, Genny has been inserting the letter 'L' into most of her words. When asking for more cherries this morning, she was saying, "More cherlllies?!" Baby Glenn was a fan of the cherries too!

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