Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Christine

Today is my sister Christine's birthday. She is a crafter like me, but with three boys, she doesn't get too much down time to enjoy this hobby. She is, however, much more of a perfectionist than I am, so her crafts usually end up looking like something she purchased instead of made.

Ever since I realized how easy it was to make place mats, I've envisioned making some for her. And now she has our Aunt's gigantic dinning room table (that seats 12 when fully extended if I remember correctly). I did not make her twelve place mats. I made her eight.

One of the things I've realized about Christine's birthday is that since it's December 20th, there's usually no cause for giving her summer, spring or fall themed gifts. So since it's summer here year round, I picked out this fabric to bring a little summer to her winter, or to enhance her summer months.

I spoke with our mom about which types of colors to choose, asking what colors she has in her dining room. In the end I didn't heed any of her advice and went out on a limb, hoping that she loves this fabric as much as I do. I'm writing this blog in October, so that when her birthday comes I'll be prepared and will just have to click on 'post'. So we'll see if she ends up liking them or not. If she doesn't, I'll gladly take them back!

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