Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Shower and The Rest of Our Saturday

Our Saturday began with pancakes and ended with a video of Thomas reading books. We were able to dawdle in the morning, because the baby shower didn't start until noon, but I had offered to bring a side dish, so we went to Sprouts to get veggies and fruit to bring. Sprouts always offers up fun for the kids- they love to run around the spacious store and they exclaim every time they see a new food, "CUCUMBERS!! MOMMY THEY HAVE CUCUMBERS!!" Don't you just love the excitement of kids?

Genny and Glenn had a blast at the baby shower, they bypassed the food (even though we got there at twelve thirty) and played with the toys.

Megan was glowing, and Josh kept looking at her like she was a queen. But that's how they are: they are more in love today than the day they married. It makes you smile when you see them together, a couple that's going to make it in this divorce-riddled world.

After the baby shower we came home and after a bit of outside play, we started making the t-shirts I bought us for Halloween. We painted an orange pumpkin on them and now I just need to figure out what else to do to it... Maybe some google eyes and a sequin smile? We shall see...

After a dinner of PB&J (Genny's choice) the kids got a looooong bath. The day was completed with daddy reading stories via our movies on the computer, and then I watched a scary movie and ate a big bowl of ice cream before going to bed (which means I set myself up for nightmares).

Glenn and Genny eating PB&J

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