Friday, October 26, 2012

Summer Sausage and Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread for Dinner

My husband would be proud -ne- jealous. My mother would say, "Hey wait a minute..." as she found the file in her over-packed brain of her go-to meal during the fall when I was growing up. (she does have an energetic five year old that she's raising, you know) Yes, when our thirteen year old neighbor TJ came over about a month ago with a catalog of random over-priced items for a fund raiser he was doing, I took in a deep breath and tried to find something that I could live with buying. Then I saw it. Cheddar cheese spread and smoked summer sausage. And my mouth started watering. I mean, make sure your lips are sealed shut cause you're going to drool all over your shirt watering. I couldn't write down the numbers fast enough, as if my expedited ordering would make it come faster. I casually asked TJ when he thought the order might come in. "October, I think." and my mind played a little fantasy of cookies, bread or something baking in the oven while my cowl sweater wearing kids played Candyland quietly in the living room. Me, in dark lipstick and a maroon sweater (neither of which I actually own, nor do my kids own cowl neck sweaters) cutting up the sausage and getting a spreader for the cheese. Making lemon aid and calling to the kids that dinner was ready. There may have even been a fire place in this fantasy, something that my house does not have...

That fantasy almost happened. I was wearing coral lipstick (day three people, and I'm loving it!), a dark green shirt, and the kids were watching a program in the living room (quietly).

Genny didn't like the cheese but loved the suasage. I know, you probably had to read that sentence over again because if you know me or my family at all then you know that Genny will eat cheese every minute of every day if she can. But the added horse radish in this cheese apparently didn't please her pallet. She did take joy in playing with the string on the outside of the sausage, just like I remember my brother and I doing when we were younger. Ah, memories.

Glenn loved the 'sandwiches' I made with ritz crackers and gobbled them up.

It was a good meal. (sorry to my brother and sister who are vegetarian and vegan!)

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