Monday, October 11, 2010

Crocheting a Hat for Mister Man

When my besti Kate bought a loom to make hats, I said to myself, "Goodness, that looks simple enough!" So I set out to make a hat for my little man who accompanies me to play laser with Gus-Gus in the cul de sac in the dark of night. I've always gone a bit overboard with making sure my kids are warm, so the idea of being able to make hats has always caught my fancy, even though I never thought I could. But after seeing how easy it looked, I made a hat. I made a bad hat. I added 'ears' that looked like horns to this poor hat that is now sitting in the basket of shoes, mittens and hats, probably never to be worn again. *sigh*

Then I bought some more yarn. And I made another hat. One that would fit, and look GREAT with his beautiful eyes. Success! It's a tad big, but all the better for bringing with us to Michigan in a few [six] weeks. Yes, I love crafting!!

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