Friday, February 18, 2011

There's A Storm A Brewin'!!!

Ah Kate... With your wide-eyed innocence that doesn't acomodate the fear of the elements nor preparation for them. You sit in your house, no candles, no extra water on reserve and none of your firewood available. What will you do when the power goes out? You will sit in the dark, thirsty and cold.

Or maybe you'll sit in the warmth of your house and turn on the tap for some water. Maybe you'll flick the switch to turn on the light. I'll sit in my house with extra supplies for nothing... Yah, that sounds a lot more likely.

Yes Kate, you are prepared. You are prepared for the one to two inches of rain we will get over the next two days. How did you prepare? By doing nothing. Because nothing is what is warrented of this storm we have here. My silly flare for the dramatic has landed me with extra water sitting in containers and knowledge of where the candles and flashlights are. I am so humerously overly prepared that Kate seemed to try to mask her amusement at my worries tonight at dinner. Ah Kate, if I didn't realize how much I've over done it, I wouldn't have even known...

So kudos to you, Kate, for not making me feel like a complete idiot in explaining my preparations for this 'huge storm' we're having here. What a good friend.

P.S. The reason I prepare? I grew up in Northern Michigan where you had to have supplies in your car in the winter because it was probable that if you got stuck in a snow drift somewhere you were there for at least a few hours, maybe even longer since cell phones weren't as common back then. We also had to leave the water dripping so the pipes didn't freeze... Then I lived in Okinawa where we had five [count 'em, FIVE] typhoons [hurricanes] my first summer there, one lasting five days. So since I've lived in areas where you need to prepare for the elements, I tend to overly prepare. Cause there's nothing like realizing you're out of something and knowing you can't get more for a few days.

Thank goodness I have all this water! (just kidding, I have the water in my Disaster Preparedness Kit just in case I need it)

Yup, these tea light candles sure will keep the place lit up at night if the power goes out. ;) It's sad to say, but I thought about making a trip to K Mart to buy some bigger candles just in case.

This is me saying to you, "Yup, nothings going to happen and I'm a silly woman for thinking it would"

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