Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dinner with the Jones's

I had a package. A giant foot locker weighing in between 70 and 100lbs sent from my husband in Afghanistan. The predicament was somehow getting it to my car with two small children to wrangle.

I didn't even try.

As the months have come and gone since Thomas's deployment started, I've tried to sprinkle out my manly needs amongst my neighbors. Ask one man to clean up a dead mouse, ask another to start up the motorcycles. It was Nick's turn for me to ask a favor of him, and I needed Rosy's help too. I asked her to watch the kids while Nick and I went to get the foot locker. Afterwards, we all had dinner here, I made my new favorite meal Lazy Baked Greek Chicken. They all stayed after to watch/help put Genny down. It's such a nice break in routine to have someone stay and hang out while I'm putting Genny down. It helps Glenn if he's super tired (like tonight) and it keeps Genny going with the routine, as opposed to her vehement "NO!"s that she tells me when sensing my urgency of getting her to bed when in order to get Glenn to bed.

As I finish tonight's blog, I think to myself, tomorrows Friday. I finally get my massage. This is one of the luxuries I deemed a necessity while Thomas has been gone. With caring for these two babes 99% of the time, I get sore muscles and boy does that massage feel good on them. I have found the goddess Karin from Massage Carlsbad and just LOVE her massages. I even want to be her friend outside of our business relationship and plan on inviting her to my next gathering, which will hopefully be in the next month or two for Thomas's welcome home party.

My sore muscles and I need to go to bed. And we need to stop off in the nursery on our way there to soothe a crying baby. Maybe when Thomas comes home I can stop trying to do the Sears Method and focus on the Ferber Method full time. Maybe then Glenn and I will both get some sleep...

That would be a small Raspberry Torte hanging out of Glenn's mouth. He has a fascination with those Strawberry Shortcake dolls!

On a side note: Gus had a heck of a time trying to find a hiding spot for his bone tonight. It took him about four tries, but he finally found a good spot for it to hide.

Then he went and snuggled up with a giraffe and June [from The Little Einsteins]

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  1. Oh my gosh, Gus is so cute! Hiding his bone, snuggling with the giraffe. Sweet puppy!