Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Diego

Today I had an appointment down in San Diego. It was at 10am, so afterwards we got some lunch at a pizza place, then fed the meter again so we could find somewhere to nurse. As luck would have it, there was a Borders within view of where we parked, so I was able to not only nurse, but use the bathroom as well (a rare treat when you aren't familiar with the area you're in). We ended up loosing BOTH of baby Glenn's socks, but Genny got a few new books to hopefully help her learn her letters.

What little girl wouldn't want to learn her letters with this book?!

With "C" for cupcake and "I" for ice cream, it's a surefire winner!

The other books we got: a discounted four-book set that has letters, numbers, colors & shapes, and animals; 'That's Not My Bunny' (a favorite book from Aunt Christine's house); and a 50% off 'Where Is Love, Biscuit?' book.

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