Thursday, February 10, 2011

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Take Two

Ok, so I got a membership to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Know what that means? Until Thomas comes home, I'll be posting blogs about it to show him the pictures of the kids when we go. Sorry. But the good news is that we will probably be doing something different each time, so at least you'll learn something new with each blog. :)

This is a Fossa. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has these things called 'Animal Encounters' and if you're at the encounter spot at the right time, you get to see and learn about an animal. Let's see if I remember everything... The Fossa is the largest carnivore from Madagascar, and this particular one (I'm blanking on the name, but it was something like Babel...) is blind. He was raised by hand after being born at the San Diego Zoo. They are excellent climbers and you would never have know he was blind. Also, the kids were about two feet away from him!

Tuckered out boy.

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