Saturday, February 12, 2011

High School Community Service

Thank you, Obligatory High School Community Service. Because of you, I was able to weed a bit in the back yard [jungle] as well as run to the 7/11 to get lottery tickets, and not to mention: take a shower.

My neighborhood teenager has offered babysitting since the day we moved in. I remember the kids gathering around Thomas as he unloaded boxes from the truck, asking him questions, and 'S' volunteering her services if we ever needed them. I'm not a big fan of leaving Genny with anyone except medical personal, but Shelby's dad told me the other day that she needs to complete 100 hours of community service before she graduates, and she wants to baby sit to complete them. I marinated the thought in my mind, and realized that if she came over, I could get some stuff done around the house while she occupied the kids. It was perfect: I was outside, in earshot of the kids, but not having to worry if Genny was pushing Glenn or if he was choking on something. I picked up dog poop, and started tackling the area between our master bedroom slider and the sunroom that Thomas paved last year (because it was tragically looking like it was supposed to be grass and weeds instead of pavers).

Thomas has been doing a little of his own marinating: a plan for the back yard landscaping. I thought it would be nice for him if he didn't have to take care of a bunch of weeds first before he started on anything he has planned. Let's just see how much I get done before he gets home... This could end up just like the master bathroom project and sit half-way done. But then again, any de-weeding is better than none.


This is what I got done. I had to stop if I wanted to get a shower in before I let 'S' go home. I did get other spots in the back yard weeded, but these are the only pictures I took. (and yes, they are two different angles, not because I wanted to confuse you, but because I took one picture outside, and one from my bedroom slider)

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