Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Favorites

I don't have sponsors, but there are things that I LOVE which I'd like to share with you. So I came up with Friday's Favorites, an entry where I can tell you about something I use every day and just love. You may agree with my favorites, and you may think, "What is she, nuts??" but these are things that make my life better, easier, and in the end happier. So here's the first Friday's Favorites...

One of my favorite things is the Bum Genius 3.0 cloth diaper. When I researched which type of cloth diaper would best fit my needs, this one was the top of my list. But desire unfortunately equals cost and at about $20 each with tax, they are not cheap to invest in even considering the fact that we won't be buying disposable diapers every week. But to cushion the cost of the Bum Genius, I also decided to use tri-fold diapers with a Bummis cover. After about a year and a half of using cloth diapers, I've amassed enough BG to last 3 days, with the tri-folds lasting anywhere from 2-4 days depending on if we get poop on the cover half way through the day or not. It's quite a difference from when I first started using cloth diapers and was washing diapers every night. Now I can go about 4-5 days until it's time to wash.

So here's to the BG 3.0 which is a cloth diaper that grows with your child. They fit children 5-35 pounds and even after a year and a half of having some of them, the Velcro is still working albeit sticking to the other diapers when I get them out of the dryer.

Here are a few websites you can visit to purchase these diapers, or you can usually find a good deal (as in one free diaper depending on how many you purchase) on E-bay. The first website is the baby boutique that I usually buy mine at here in Oceanside, CA. They hold a quarterly Cloth Diaper Garage Sale in which you can buy used (but clean!) cloth diapers from other moms who are done with theirs. The second website is the baby boutique that my sister shops at in WI, they are a wonderful shop and I wish that they would franchise to southern California!

If you are thinking about using cloth diapers, make sure to do your research! Don't pick one just because someone thinks it's the best. You have individual reasons for why each product may or may not fit your lifestyle.

I hope you all consider using cloth diapers, even if you don't end up choosing them over disposable. But here are some numbers to consider: 250-500. That's how many years it takes for a diaper to decompose. I was being nice when I wrote the 250, because most sites that I looked at all said 500 years. But one website

did say 250-500 years. The Seventh Generation website (as in the cleaning products) has a post that says it takes air and water to decompose, so if in fact the diapers go into a landfill, they will never decompose. Yikes! I use about 8 diapers a day. I know that when I worked at a daycare in Japan (on a military base, so it was still American run) we changed diapers every hour. Depending on when the parents dropped the children off and picked them up, that's 9 hours/diapers. A day. Five days a week. (squinting my eyes while looking at you from the side) Think about it.

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