Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Collect Call From, "Wehadababyit'saboy"

Well, Glenn Samuel Alford decided to make his way into this world Saturday evening. I had contractions all day Saturday, and at about 11:30pm my water broke as I was waiting for a friend to come stay the night with my daughter. So we left the monitor with the neighbors (way to go 21st century!) and went to the hospital. After I got there, the nurse explained what would happen in case of an emergency such as the baby's heart rate dropping. About 5 minutes later I was surrounded by people who were shouting orders to me and each other, I was on my hands and knees getting a shot to speed up my heart (and hoping in turn to speed up the baby's heart) and the doctor was placing a monitor on the top of the baby's head to more accurately keep track of his heart rate.

When I first arrived, the nurse said, "Ok, we're going to get you started on some Pitosin to get your labor going a little faster," and I interrupted her saying, "No thank you. I won't be getting any Pit." (I got a look that said 'oh, you think you know more than me?') Then the nurse asked which pain medication I would like. I told her that I wouldn't be taking any, but closer to delivery I may consider an epidural. I got another look.

So after the baby's heart rate dropped, the doctor (who had also expressed surprise as well as gave me a look when I said no epidural) told me that if the baby had another drop in heart rate, we would have to go in to have an emergency c-section. He also told me that if I still didn't have an epidural in place, they would have to put me under general anesthesia because there would be no time to wait. After discussing it with my husband, I decided to get the epidural. Thank goodness I did because about 10 minutes later his heart rate dropped again and we had to go into emergency c-section.

Glenn Samuel Alford was born on May 2nd at 5:02am, 7lbs 13oz, 19 inches. Although it wasn't what I wanted or expected, the anesthesiologist told me after that the cord was wrapped around his neck, which made sense that he heart rate was dropping. So it looks like I wouldn't have had him vaginally anyway. So I'm glad I got the epidural because I was able to recover quicker.

We arrived home two days ago and have been loving him every minute. Genny is enthralled with her new eat and sleep baby doll as well as the ducks, lady bug and other little sibling gifts she got. She points to him and says, "baby" all day and is curious when I nurse.

I decided that I'd make cookies today. I've never been a die-hard fan of cookie dough, but something about it was too appealing to me today. So I made cookies for the sole reason of licking the batter off the mixer. YUM!

Happy Thursday to everyone. Blogs may not be every day for a little while until I get the hang of this two-child household.

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