Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, for a few weeks now I've been working on bags for Genny and Glenn, ones that we can keep in the diaper bag but will have individualized items for each child. If you scroll down, I posted some pictures of the pacie bags I made around the same time I started working on these bags. They of course match. The bags were a bit easier than I had imagined, I made a sample bag out of some left over fabric in order to see if my vision was correct in how to make them. I made Glenn's bag first, but still need to finish it with a button and button flap. I had wondered how I was going to close the bags, at first I had planned on a zipper, but soon realized that it wouldn't be as easy as I thought. So after a few suggestions from friends and family, I settled on a toggle-style closure. I also put snaps on the sides of Glenn's bag to fold the sides in when all the room of the bag isn't needed. I'll post a picture of his bag when the toggle is finished. Above is Genny's bag, with a DVD next to it to show size.

Last night I also made two more burp cloths, which brings my count up to 7 total. I have one more to make, and think I will stop after that. Part of me wants to get an idea going on another project to start after I finish Glenn's bag and the burp cloth, but most of me realizes that I probably shouldn't start anything too labor-intensive since I'll be having a baby soon. Maybe I'll just work on some scrapbooking (everyone knows that there is no such thing as caught up!).

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