Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When I was in 3rd grade, my maternal grandparents came to visit. I watched my grandmother knit and was fascinated. She taught me how to knit and the day that she left, I sat in school wondering how I was going to knit without a set of needles. I came home to find her set on the end table in the living room. Hoping, but being precocious, I said to my mother, "Mom, grandma left her knitting needles." My mother told me that she had left them for me. And so my love of knitting started. I'm not a fancy knitter, I make squares and rectangles. I don't make booties or sweaters, and I've never really had the want to do those things. I used to make squares and sew them together to form blankets, I made barbie blankets and scarves for my dolls. But since adulthood I've make only washcloths. My sister seems to love them so much that I try to make her as many as I can for her birthday and Christmas. So since my 3rd trimester, I've been trying to make as many washcloths as I can in preparation for those two holidays in December. I don't know how easy it will be to knit in the fall and winter, so the more I make now, the less guilty I'll feel for how many end up in her stocking and birthday box.

To this day I still use the needles my grandmother gave me to make my washcloths. This is the grandmother I named my daughter, Genevieve, after. We share the same middle name (as well as my mother and my daughter) and I've always felt a special bond with her even though I didn't grow up near her like the majority of my cousins. I get my red hair from her, and my nose as well. I also believe that I get my crafty side from her and my conviction in home-made things instead of store bought. I try to call her at least once a week, and have been sending her a card about once a week with a scratch off lottery ticket. She enjoys gambling and will take any excuse to go to the boats (she lives in IN which doesn't allow gambling, so they have 'boats' which are exempt from state laws).

Here's wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, I'm still waiting/wanting to go into labor.

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  1. Aw, so sweet!!! Do you mind if I print a copy and send it to Grandma? She'd love to hear what an inspiration she is to you.