Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning and trying to have a baby

Today was motivated cleaning day. I sat down for about 10 minutes right after I put Genny down for her nap to eat some strawberries and sugar (thank you Kate for the idea!) and then I got to work. I swept and mopped the tile, cleaned up the dog throw up in my bedroom (that I found as soon as I went in there), swept and mopped the sun room, and picked up dog poop in the back yard. Thank goodness for a pooper scooper! We've had our two neighbor dogs over quite a bit lately (Kate and Jake landscaped their front and back yard so playing in their back yard isn't quite as acceptable anymore since we still have a crap-tasticly barren back yard in which they can roll around and dig all they want with out it looking much different). So needless to say the amount of dog poop back there is a little overwhelming when you don't get to it every week. I gave up after filling 2 plastic grocery bags full and decided I'd try again tomorrow if sleep doesn't beckon too convincingly. The goal is to get most of it picked up before the rain at the end of the week. Plus I won't be going back there anytime soon after the baby is born. Count in the vacuuming I did and all in all I did pretty well in the cleaning department today. Let's see how much more I can get done tomorrow...

I put some effort in to trying to go into labor today. Kate from next door had her baby on Saturday, and even though I've felt ready for a few weeks, just seeing that tiny baby boy makes me want one! And since I'm getting one within the next few weeks, I can quote Veruca Salt by saying, "I want it NOW!" Of course I probably shouldn't quote her exactly, because I want him now, not it. Anyway... I drank some tea that Kate gave me that's supposed to help thin the cervix, I went for a long walk (I made sure to walk up hill as much as I could since I heard that helps) and then I came home and tried out some pressure points that are supposed to help induce labor. I had false labor the other day from all the exertion I put on my body going to the dog park with a 70lb dog who doesn't get into the car on his own and a 2 year old daughter who I carried and chased around the whole time. Here's hoping for REAL labor!

I had a surprise visitor just now, a coworker who was dropping off a baby gift for baby boy. Bridget is a coworker who only works 2 days a week, but she's a great asset to DMG every time she's there. She's the kind of worker who is always looking for things to do to stay busy. I enjoyed working with her over the past year and getting to know her. She has 2 children and I get all of her hand-me-downs from her daughter. It's such a blessing to get all the clothes and toys she gives us. I actually end up sending most of them to my mom for Aaralynne to wear first, then she sends them to me for Genny. It's a nice system.

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