Thursday, April 29, 2010

Genny's b-day invites

So at 4am this morning as I lay in my bed trying to fall back asleep but finding it useless with the pain in my lower back, I realized that Genny's birthday was only weeks away and my mom was coming the following week. I had planned on having Genny's birthday party when my mom was here, but didn't realize how close we are to that date. I had figured that I'd have the baby by now and would plan all the birthday celebrations after he's born. But since he's nice and comfy and seeming to stay in until at least his due date (6 days from today), I started planning the party and everything I need to do to get ready.

So today during nap time I made her invites. I'm not showing the back because they are pretty plain and even though I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this blog has my address, I'd rather not publish it for any future followers to have easy access to my address.

I wanted to get at least 6 invites done today so I can bring them to Kindermusik tomorrow and hand them out. I'm not sure if anyone from the class will come, but they are about the only kids that Genny has interaction with, so I figured why not?

But in making the invites I realized a valuable tip that I'd like to share with you all. When using glitter, do NOT have the fan on. You'll get glitter EVERYWHERE. One more valuable tip: When you see a spider crawling across the table your working on, make sure to get it on the first try or else it may fall to the ground, and as long and as hard as you look for it, it will blend in with the carpet and be lost forever. Then you get to spend the remainder of your crafting time wondering where it is and when it will show up again. Every little tickle you feel, every stray hair that brushes against your face, you will think it's the spider. So calculate your strike and get it the first time!

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  1. HA HA HA!!! I laughed out loud: "when using glitter, do NOT have the fan on." Too funny!! The invitations are super cute!