Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fundraising Walk

I have decided to do a Fundraising Walk to help a little boy who can't help himself. It will be on New Years Day, and I haven't decided how far I can make it in the cold Northern Michigan weather yet, but any suggestions will be weighed!

Dan and Emily have a son (step-son to Emily, biological to Dan) and he needs our help. He's caught in a situation that no child should be in, yet some find themselves in. His home life has been woven with abuse, neglect, and the death of his older brother (which he witnessed). The extremely unfortunate thing is that the court system sides with his mother. This is a wonderful normalcy in most courthouses, since (in most circumstances) the mother is the best choice when deciding which parent to place the child[ren with]. But sometimes mother's don't deserve the title they hold, and this is one of those situations. Dan and Emily have fought tooth and nail for custody of Dylan, and have racked up a sizable debt in the journey. They can't appeal until they chip away that debt and until then, -scratch that, until they have Dylan safe in their home- they can't rest. They have sent out a plea to their friends and family to donate as much or as little as they can, and I'm taking this plea and bringing it to my friends and family. I can't imagine neglecting my children, or claiming they're liars when they confess abuse. Children deserve to be loved in a safe, happy home.

We donate to charities all the time, not seeing the effect the money has on it's cause. Granted, this is not a tax-deductable donation. But this is a cause with a face, with a story. This is a chance for us to try to right the wrong, to fix the broken, to heal the wounded.

Please leave me a comment on this blog or on my facebook wall if you are able to donate even a small amount. They have $20,000.00 of lawyers fees to pay down and every dollar helps get them closer to fighting again for Dylan's safety. Dan and Emily are frugal in every sense trying to pay this down to fight for Dylan. Again, this isn't a case of credit card debt or flashy vacations when you can't afford one. This is a mother and a father trying to give their child a fighting chance of a normal childhood even after all of these horrible things have happened to him.

If you are unable to donate, (or even if you are) prayers are such a blessing at this time to help the family.

Here is the link to Dan and Emily's blog:

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