Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aaralynne's B-day Party

Today was Aaralynne's Birthday party and it was pretty busy in my mom's house. I nicknamed her house The Dollhouse because it's cute, but small. It is perfect for my mom and Aarralynne, but on days like today, it's a bit snug. But all the better for getting to know everyone and playing together! I think that every child was told at least once, "give that back" or "leave her/him alone". Well, except Glenn. He, however, did get to sit on Aaralynne's lap when she decided to pick him up. It was cute, but made my heart race a little. :) Genny had her hair in pigtails for all of five minutes before she took them out and exclaimed "no hair ties" when I tried to put them back in. *sigh* Ok then, I guess you'll have a mullet hairdoo.

It's so nice to be in my mom's house. There are so many pictures and items that remind me of happy times. Plus now that it's Christmas, her house emulates the season.

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