Sunday, December 19, 2010

Suttons Bay

Growing up, Boones was the iconic restaurant in Suttons Bay. It's known for it's Boone burger, and greasy food choices. As you made the bend into town it greeted you with a look of history. It's log cabin style and warm fireplace was cozy in the cold winter months (which in Northern Michigan has for about six months of the year), and sounds of laughter (usually alcohol induced) surrounded you as soon as you walked in. It's a cozy space, yet somehow holds quite a few people when busy. Some of my friends worked there, and we all ate there.

Saturday my family and I went to Suttons Bay, the town I grew up in. It's a postcard town and I loved growing up there. The school was small (I had 83 people in my class) and everyone seemed to know everyone else. We went to Boone's to eat lunch but also walked around town stopping in stores that we loved. My mother recently left a position which allowed her to work with some of the stores in Suttons Bay, and so she grew to know the owners and merchandise. We stopped into Lima Bean, a great shop that my friends and i frequented, and was subsequently purchased by a childhood friend of mine.

It was a nice visit, but shorter than I would have preferred.

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