Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day!!

Monday was a snow day for the boys here at my sister's house. We also ended up hanging out with Aaralynne for a few hours so my mom could go into work and get some stuff done she couldn't do from home.

My sister's family is spending their first winter here in Northern Michigan, and from what they say it's quite a bit different than Wisconsin. The amount of snow we got over the past three days has made it to the total accumulation that they normally get in Oshkosh. Her husband seemed like he was in his typical mode, making sure the driveway was snow-blowed several times (he said he did it five times in one day!) and figuring out what to do about the snow on the roof that would lead to ice which can damage the roof itself. All of these things I've never had to consider thinking about, but they are in keeping with a typical Northern Michigan winter.

So what do we do on a snow day? Why play outside of course! Well, not us Alfords, but my sister's boys sure did make some plans about building a snow fort and going sledding. Her oldest started on the snow fort with his friend, and her middle son was playing at a friend's house for a while.

Us Alfords did what we normally do. We played inside (the cold winter is not conducive to a baby's survivability) and Genny discovered scissors! My sister's middle son had been practicing his cutting, and Genny took up where he left off. I taught her how to hold the scissors and she spent at least a half hour cutting paper. She also discovered colored pencils and had a blast coloring. I think I know what Santa may be putting in her stocking...

Genny sure does love her yogurt!

Glenn's new favorite pastime, pulling to stand. (especially on the dishwasher)

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  1. Kari, you and Christine are so lucky to be spending this time together. It is so great that the cousins are getting to know each other. Although I do not miss anything about the Midwestern snow and cold, I think it is great that you and your little ones are getting to experience it with your Mom and Christine's family. Your Mom and I spent so much time together when Brian and Allison were small. I cherish those memories.