Monday, November 29, 2010

A Kitchen For Genny

After a day of living here at Christine's house, I realized that Genny needs a little more girl in her toy selection. She's done well using her imagination with construction cones as ice cream cones, and a cylindrical toy as a bottle. She did, however, need something a little more... I had thought about getting a few girly toys off craigslist, or checking out any garage sales in the area, but then something from Toy Story 3 made me think of making her a kitchen. In Toy Story 3, the boy uses boxes as space ships, stores, pretty much any large item. So I thought I could recreate the kitchen she has at home. With a cardboard box. It worked! She's used it several times since then, and baby Nickel loves to use it to climb on (much to the dismay of his mother).

This is just about the crudest kitchen you'll come across, but it does the job! (that's a microwave on top!)

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  1. Unfortunately this house of 3 boys doesn't have many (if any) girl toys! Poor Genny!