Friday, December 17, 2010

Showering With A Baby

Yup, for those of you who read that title and said, "What?!" I shall explain.

Glenn and Genny needed baths yesterday but didn't get them. No specific reason, I just forgot and then my mom came over for dinner, so I wanted to spend time with her and A instead of breaking away to take baths.

A friend of mine always took showers with her babies. She claimed it was wonderful- they would play in the tub while she was showering, then when she was done she would wash them and they would get out together. She loved how it was a surefire way to keep an eye on the baby while she was in the shower, and then they'd both be clean.

None of what happened this morning happened in the wonderful fashion it did for her. It was terrible. I initially put him on the drain end of the shower, but the faucet was right there for him to bump his head. Plus he was getting soapy water splashed down on him. He kept looking up at me with his little eyes trying to blink away the water, a look on his face like why are you doing this to me? I moved him to the other end of the shower but the splashing water seemed worse. I ended up leaving him there, but pointing the shower head towards the wall and hurriedly showering so I could pick him up and wash him. Which leads me to my final point: a wet baby and a wet mommy equals a slippery holding situation. I was scared I was going to drop him, especially when I was rinsing him off.
My advice: Don't shower with your baby!

If you have a better way of showering with a baby, please post in the comments. It's something I would try again if given a better idea of how to do it. Until then, he gets his own bath!

Baby Glenn after his shower this morning.

My sister's eldest brought home his class pet for Christmas break. Darwin is a cute Ginny Pig and has created quite a stir in this house- everyone is acutely aware of his presence even though he doesn't do much. I must say though, he is quite adorable.

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