Monday, November 1, 2010

A 'Fresh' Coat of Paint

When Thomas told me he'd be deploying for over 200 days, I thought of a few other things first, but my mind also wandered to home improvement. When we moved in, the whole inside of the house had been freshly painted in a nice tan. We were psyched because that meant we didn't have to paint right away. We could take our time and decide which rooms should be which colors as the years came and went. Genny and Glenn have both used the same room as the nursery. We have nice gender neutral bedding handed down to us from Thomas's mother, so there wasn't too much of the theme we picked for each child present. (not that we mind, since free bedding and furniture is, well, free bedding and furniture) When we found out we were pregnant with Glenn, we moved Genny into the room next door. I loved picking out her bedding, wall paint and decor elements. But we left the nursery as is, because, as stated prior, it was gender neutral.

I decided that as a good way to help the time go by, I would paint Glenn's room, giving him a truly boy's room and perhaps some more of his motorcycle and classic cars theme added in. I knew there was such a thing as low or no VOC paint, so I went to Home Depot to see what they had in the low/no VOC colors. Not as many as the other forms of paint, but still a good variety. I ended up choosing Healing Water with a possible accent wall of Organic Garden. I had more than enough paint to do the whole room in blue, but here is the nice grey I had picked out.

There are a few things I learned painting my first room...

1) Blue painter's tape will take off the top [white] layer of unpainted drywall.

2) When you get paint on the blue painter's tape it becomes heavy and harder to remove.

3) Don't skimp on the painter's tape- it's thick for a reason and that reason is first time painters like me.

In the end it's a beautiful color for a happy boy.

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