Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Horseback Riding

I had floated the idea of horseback riding to my meetup group a while back. Everyone seemed to like the idea, but in the end, only Marcy (with her sons) and I were available. So we headed off to Camp Pendleton's STEPP Stables for our two and a half year olds to go on a 'pony' ride. Now I put quotes around the word pony because these were actually horses. In the end, it makes sense that Genny and the other little boy wouldn't ride them, they were pretty big. Petting, kissing and squeeling with delight, yes. Riding, no. On the other hand, one of the babies was more than happy to ride the horse: Glenn. Yes, the six month old baby was excited and curious about the horse that the two and a half year old wouldn't sit on. *sigh* Maybe after we get back from Michigan...

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