Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank You, Cherry Republic

One of the best things about Traverse City (or northern Michigan) is it's cherries. We have Cherry Festival every year around Independence Day and sometime in the years I've left TC they've acquired a store dedicated to cherries and their goodness. Cherry Republic is a store downtown TC and it features a variety of cherry products. From their traditional dried cherries to their spicy cherry salsa, you can find a gift for anyone (unless they don't like cherries!). I found gifts for a few people, starting with my aunt Kathy who hosted Thanksgiving this year and graciously let myself and my two children stay with her for a few days while we were visiting. With the help of my sister, I chose a few items for her, including the cherry salsa (something I would never try/like).

In the mood for giving, I chose some dried cherries and cherry jam for someone back home [California] but have since opened them both, enjoying the cherryness of this trip. I will no doubt make another trip to Cherry Republic before I go home!

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