Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today we:

~Steam cleaned the master bedroom carpet after a certain two year old let some muddy puppies (three) into the house
~Went to Sunset Park for the first time (in San Marcos)
~Saw a pink and purple caterpillar
~Ran around in the spray grounds for about an hour (Genny)
~Ate a sock (Glenn)
~Climbed a snake (all of us!)
~Added one more owie to our right knee (Genny)

After a tough morning that involved some screaming (me) I was so happy to have somewhere to be that Genny would be entertained and Glenn and I could be along for the ride. The spray grounds was all she could talk about as soon as she saw them, and after a quick lunch, she got to play for a long, long time. I wanted us to say for as long as we could, so we got there at about 11am and left at about 2pm. Then we hit up Home Depot for some mini blinds (that now seem a bit too large, but we'll have to see once they're out of the package) and a shelf for Glenn's room. I'm debating on whether or not to ask neighbor men to help me with the two HD items, I'm sure I could do it myself, but I'm not sure it would look right. I'll see if anyone offers and take it from there.

Genny looking at the caterpillar

Can you find the caterpillar? (hint- it's on the black rim)

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