Friday, April 15, 2011

Eating in the Sun Room

Sitting outside on my laptop in our sun room is the perfect way to spend lunch. The kids are happily eating scores of fruit with their respective grilled cheese and crackers, and the birds are chirping outside while a gentle breeze brings a whiff of the outdoors as Pandora serenades us from the living room. Missy Higgins radio is the way to go on this lazy San Diego day, the tunes of artists I've never heard of playing the soundtrack to a relaxed lunch. A relaxed afternoon is most likely in our future seeing as I'm the last of us to come down with a cold and I'm not wanting to do much in the form of structured play.

In this post, I told you about turning my sun room into a functioning room. Unfortunately I haven't utilized it since that post... Until yesterday when I moved the round table back out here and added some chairs we had laying around the house/garage. We ate dinner out here last night, and now lunch today. Its nice to be outside, we are in the shade and bug-free in this great unutilized space. The last surviving plants that still cling to life are out here which helps bring a homey feel to the space.

Now to just start working on the back yard...

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