Saturday, April 2, 2011

Entertainment Center

We've been talking about getting a new entertainment center for quite a while. It's been in the column of 'want' as opposed to 'need' over the years. Recently we decided to move it up on the list. We found a great deal and decided to get it. It's only been less than twenty four hours, so I still look at it in awe, thinking, gosh that's beautiful.

We chose it from Ashley furniture. Thomas found two he liked and we decided from the two which we liked best. We still have it gated off (so the kids don't break the glass in the center bottom) but it's still impressive.

Slowly but surly we're getting good furniture that will last us the rest of our lives. Good quality furniture instead of the cheap easy fixes we bought because we needed something now instead of being able to wait and save. *sigh* I love my new entertainment center.

I took a picture with and with out flash so you could get the full effect.

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