Saturday, April 2, 2011


I started planning Thomas's Welcome Home Party way before he came home. I had visions of everyone we know gathering to welcome him home, kids playing in the yard, adults laughing and congregating in the garage. I wanted to have a table for each holiday he missed; a way for him to experience each holiday.

Thomas came home on a Friday. That would have been too late notice to have a party that weekend, not to mention my grandmother passed away that day so we flew to IN to attend her funeral. The weekend after that our next door neighbors were having a party, so we didn't want to encroach on their festivities. So two weeks after he got home, we had his WHP. I knew the date I would hold it for about two weeks, but the stress of my grandmother's passing, as well as getting used to Thomas being home again left me quite tired and unmotivated to plan a party. I didn't end up inviting everyone until a few days prior, which makes for small attendance.

The party was small, but it didn't matter because the goal of the party was for Thomas to experience the holidays he missed. I had a printed out synopsis of each holiday including pictures of us so he and everyone else could see how we spent our holidays with out him. I think the best part of the day was the Thanksgiving food and the Christmas cookies. In the end, it's always good to throw a party because it forces you to clean! :)

Thomas put effort into his cookies he decorated, then was miffed when he saw how I decorated mine.

Thomas's cookies:




Valentines Day

The banner I hung up at the entrance of the base for Thomas.

Michelle and I

Oh Dillon, you are sooooo adorable!

This was the best picture I could get of my husband.

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  1. Everything looks so nice! I was trying to see the pictures you had on the tables, of how you spent the holidays, but couldn't see them. But, seeing as you spent 3 holidays with us, I probably have already seen most of the pictures. :)