Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Merry Christmas Thomas

Well babe, here's one Christmas gift that you get to see before you come home.

Our first year here in San Diego brought about several purchases that we had gotten away without for our first two years of our marriage. One was the house, another was our furniture in our house (we used just a mattress in Iwakuni and found several pieces of furniture that made due until we were able to afford something nicer). Another purchase was a grill. For his first Father's Day, Thomas got a Weber grill, We didn't know anything about grills, and had a limited space to put one in, so after finding out that Weber seemed to be the lead grill in the business, we said, "HA! Like we can afford that!" But there was an exception... The Wever Q 120 grill is a smaller grill that fit us at that time (and still does). It was perfect for the space we had (on our townhome's back deck) and we figured that when we upgraded to a bigger grill, we could use it for day trips to the beach or camping.

There was a cart, a sort of table that you could set it on as well as use to tow it when moving the grill. We didn't want to pay the money for it since we had a plastic patio table that we could use for the time-being until we wanted to spend the money to get the stand. Well that day has come! I just bought it today and now all I have to do is clean the grill so it can be as sparkling as the new cart.

Glenn helping out with the hub caps

Genny and her 'little lamb' helping

He serenaded me with ear-piercing shreeks while I scrubbed the patio table

The grill on it's new stand

The patio table half-way scrubbed

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