Sunday, April 10, 2011

$8 Sunday

Today at 9am I was washing my face, getting ready for the day. We're usually out the door by 9am if we're going somewhere that day, so it surprised me that we ended up going to a park, the beach and ended with daddy getting a hair cut. We were home by 2pm, and now the kids are playing instead of resting.... *sigh* I guess we will have an early bed time tonight.

I made the majority of our lunch, and by make I mean I put items in a lunch box. The only thing we bought were burgers from In And Out ($8).

We parked in the free parking by the beach, and made our way down towards the waters edge. There's a playground when you first get down there, but it was pretty packed, so we walked down to the next one, which was next to a nice large grassy area and happened to have a large population of squirrels that made it a fun lunch.

After lunch, we played on the play structure for a while, then went down to the beach. I broke out our new sand toys that I bought at a store that shall remain nameless [because of it's undesirable clientele and bad business ethics] and we had a blast playing in the sand. Baby Glenn was a sand crab with his foot-hand crawling, and I had to grab him several times to keep him from going out to sea. Daddy tried making a sand castle, but alas, the children knocked down every attempt.

There you have it. Oceanside for $8. Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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  1. Ohmygoodness! You were able to hand feed the squirrels? The boys would have LOVED that! sounds like a good Sunday!