Monday, January 3, 2011

Walking With A Purpose

If you've read my blog in the past month you know that I am trying to help my friends Emily and Dan White raise money to pay off the lawyer fees they incurred from fighting for custody of Dan's son Dylan. They lost and are unable to continue the fight until they pay off the $20,000 debt. I decided to walk a 5K hoping to get my friends who didn't know Dan and Emily to donate. I counted in my head the donations that I knew I had helped out, and figured I helped raise about $350.

My plan now is to put together a 5K run/walk in Oceanside which will be available for other people to participate in. The idea is still forming in my head, but if I can get a good price on t-shirts, then the majority of the money charged for the 5K will go to Dan and Emily. I'm also in talks with Emily about a 5K being held in Casper, WY (where they live) on the same day. That way they could get participants as well. In the end I just want to help them get that 20K paid off so they can start fighting for Dan's son again. He's in such a terrible situation, and children don't need to be scared in their own home.

The walk was pretty boring, but it gave me time to think and pray about Dylan, Dan and Emily.

It was WINDY!!!

But not that bad! :)

That 5K really took it out of me...

Just kidding!

Want to donate to Emily and Dan? Check out their blog, they have a PayPal option with a thermometer keeping track of how far they've come.
Emily and Dan's Blog

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