Saturday, January 8, 2011


After almost six weeks staying with my sister in my home state of Michigan, we're home. The flight to Michigan was a dream. Happy baby Glenn hung out in my lap, slept in the moby and cooed at everyone. Genny was obsessed with her new movie Tinkerbell, and the snacks and meal we purchased.

The ride home was different. No, try opposite. I won't go into detail, but I would like to apologise to the people who took the 11am flight from Chicago to San Diego on January 4th. I am truly sorry.


Since coming home we've:

Contracted a nasty post-nasal drip cold (Glenn and I)
Been severely jet-lagged (all of us)
Gotten two straight hours of sleep total (moi, and that was last night)
Gone to two grocery stores
Made several 'batches' of baby food with the new [to me] baby food steamer and processor
Received all boxes from Michigan with our stuff
Killed two mice (this was the first priority when we got home)

The worst thing about being gone for six weeks (other than the mice) was trying to get Glenn on a good sleeping schedule. Because we were in the basement of my sister's house, he was in the same room as me which is not conducive to trying to get a baby to sleep through the night on their own.

With the marriage of our cold and jet-lag, Glenn has been up every half-hour to hour all night. Last night he gave me a break between 11pm and 1am. My husband laughed at me when I told him that I think the two straight hours rejuvenated me. But it did.

Imagine my surprise when I put Glenn down for a nap this morning and he slept for 1.5 hours. One word: Elation. I was able to get so much done! Silly me thought maybe he'd do it twice in a row. Silly, silly Kari. He did sleep for a half hour, but then needed to sleep-nurse to finish off the nap. Oh well, we're off to a good start!

Nap time started off nice with Genny watching Einsteins in her room

And Glenn sleeping in his crib

I started working on a project from a book Thomas got me for Christmas (good job hubby, I love it!)

But ended with an unproductive viewing of Grey's Anatomy via Hulu.

Random: Genny found a 12 month Dora jumper today and wanted to put it on. She was so sad over not fitting in it that I told her she should wear it as pants. We put her legs in the sleeves and tucked the hem of the dress in her diaper.

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  1. Ohmygoodness that's hilarious! My boys still don't care what I dress them in and to have someone so insistent to wear something is something I've not yet experienced. That is so cute and creative of you! I love it. :)