Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Ugh. The weekend. To me (the stay at home mom who has a deployed husband) weekends are dreaded. They mean no morning radio show (The Mikey Show on FM 94.9), no GMA, and crowds where ever we may want to go. Weekends are spent going to church, and any activity that I think won't be crowded.

Today we went to church, then Henry's Market and then home for the rest of the day. The kids have been a bit cranky and it started raining about a half-hour ago, but it just stopped, so we're going out to splash in puddles. What's that you say? Parent's aren't supposed to encourage splashing in puddles? Especially when the child doesn't have rain boots on? Well I disagree. I think that this type of activity is good in a controlled environment.

After splashing in puddles for 20 minutes, we came in for some hot chocolate. A frozen vegetarian pizza and a mini watermelon waiting to be cut up. Then playing until 6:45pm and we get ready for bed. Genny first, then Glenn, then I clean up the house and go to bed myself. Ah... The life of me. :)


  1. Nickel just came over to the computer and said "Kari!" in his almost 2 year old way. I miss you guys!! Glenn's hair is getting long and those placemats are so cute, too bad they're annoying. Seeing Genny in her purple coat and owl hat remind me of how she wore those every day while you were here. :(

  2. We miss you too! It brought back memories for me too!