Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hand and Foot Prints

When we had Genny, my sister sent a hand and foot print kit. It was easy to use, and afterwords we had a keepsake that forever reminded us just how small she was. When I registered for Glenn's birth, I registered for another kit, thinking how wonderful it would be for each of them to have a keepsake from when they were newborns. I'm a lover of tradition, (when we first became pregnant with Genny I wanted to name her after Thomas if she were a boy, but he vetoed that idea) so anything I can do to start a tradition, or keep one going (yes Christine, I will someday make Nicholas his baby blanket, even if he's in JR High when I do!). This is my first tradition for my children.

I didn't end up getting the kit at my baby shower, and I figured that I'd just buy one with the gift card I got. The barganista in me started thinking about it, and knew there had to be a cheaper way to go about getting Glenn's hand and foot prints. I went to Michaels and searched around a bit before finding a tub of powder that makes clay when you add water. It was about $4 and had enough powder to do over 4 hand or foot prints at the size I wanted (about six inches in diameter). I messed up on the first set, but the second set were made last night and they seem to be drying well. I recommend having a little dish of water on the side to use on cracks and to help smooth out the finished product before you leave it out to dry.

The tub I bought at Michaels

Glenn's had and foot prints we made last night

Genny's hand and foot prints that still hang in the nursery

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  1. So cute!! I see the cookbook holder I got for you in the background. :)