Sunday, June 20, 2010

Genny's hat

Success! I made a hat for Genny that is big enough (and she can grow into it) plus it actually looks good! I used the same pattern as with the fish hat I made for Glenn which you can find here: But I enlarged it (fancy talk for traced about an inch out around it on another piece of paper), then I did the exact same thing as I did with Glenn's fish hat, except I made this one a smidgen prettier and added a chin strap. For the chin strap, I just cut out two pieces of the 'inside' fabric (even though it is reversible) and sewed them to the hat, adding sticky velcro so you can attach them to each other. We'll see how long the sticky velcro lasts, I have a feeling I will need to sew some velcro on at some point. I will also be adding a strap to the flowered side so it will truly be reversible. I may add a flower or decoration of some kind to the strap on each side so that when the hat is in use, the unused strap will lay across the brim of the head but still look nice since it will have the embellishment. We'll see how much I end up tweaking the hat, it may never be completely done if I know myself... :)

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